The Black Book was born to cater to the needs of Fashion retailers looking to outsource the manufacturing of their ranges in a simple, hassle free manner. Offering a one stop purchase solution for all product ranges. This allows Retailers to focus their energy in the design and retail side of their businesses while freeing resources in the manufacturing and supply chain.

With a combined experience of over 30 years in fashion and manufacturing the owners of The Black Book decided to headquarter in Shanghai to access a wide range of suppliers not only in China but also in Northeast and Southeast Asia. As a result, The Black Book works with a variety of manufacturers in over 10 different countries, putting the focus always on the quality of the product and the competitiveness of prices.

The company's strategy to pursue best product at competitive price is achieved by a philosophy that rests on two pillars, process and attention to detail. It is the combination of this dedication to process and a passion for product that ensures the success of every development we do. Focusing on detail and clear communication, each project is attended by an experienced merchandiser who has been trained to anticipate problems, understand the client's vision, and facilitate a smooth process from design to delivery.

At The Black Book we have a talented young team of merchandisers and managers working together striving for excellence. Understanding of product is the key to our business and we encourage discussion as well as the study and active discovery of well made as well as cutting edge products. All members of the team are fluent in English and are there to support our clients and manage our suppliers every step of the way.

We also have an open door policy and welcome clients to come to our offices where we have a selection of our product on display in our Shanghai Showroom.